The first on-demand Android application will enable surgeons and hospital personnel to request and track the emergency delivery of firm’s sterile-packaged spinal systems through monitoring the real-time movement of the deliverer on a mobile map.

Initially, the firm is exclusively offering the mobile application to a group of 65 contracted hospitals across the US.

TraumaGPS will allow verified users to request an emergency delivery of firm’s different spinal implant systemsn such as disposable anterior cervical, posterior cervical, pedicle screw and lumbar interbody spinal systems.

When a verified sales representative accepts the trauma delivery order, the TraumaGPS mobile application will provide the driver GPS navigation to the requestor’s hospital while enabling the requestor to watch the driver’s position till the delivery of Medical implant systems.

The company’s systems can be used immediately upon arrival at the hospital, as the single-use and composite polymer instrument and implants are combined in one sterile package.

The disposable implant systems delivered through TraumaGPS application will provide a streamlined approach to spinal procedures as a single-use and composite polymer implant systems.

Xenco Medical founder and CEO Jason Haider said: “Allowing hospitals to precisely predict the arrival of emergency deliveries of Xenco Medical’s surgery-ready implant systems, TraumaGPS amplifies the impact our single-use devices have in accelerating the surgical process and optimizing care.”

Xenco Medical produces a line of disposable and sterile-packaged spinal systems for use in spine surgeries.

Image: Xenco has launched first on-demand trauma surgery delivery app with real-time GPS driver tracking for disposable implant systems. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.