Under the terms of agreement, Qiagen is expected to provide a complete portfolio of instrumentation, training, and consumables and WuXi AppTec will provide laboratory facilities and staff to execute the services. The laboratory will be located at WuXi AppTec’s campus in Shanghai and will begin operating immediately.

WuXi AppTec will also work with Qiagen to help develop biomarkers, assay panels, personalized healthcare diagnostics, and other products that Qiagen intends to bring to market.

WuXi AppTec will use Qiagen’s technologies for a broad range of applications in support of drug discovery and development on behalf of the company’s and Qiagen’s customers. WuXi AppTec and Qiagen will also co-promote each other’s services to their respective customers. Both companies are working closely to identify additional opportunities to deepen their relationship.

Ge Li, chairman and CEO of WuXi AppTec, said: “WuXi AppTec has long been interested in partnering with a premier international molecular biotechnology company like Qiagen to support the development of our biomarker business. This partnership gives us access to innovative technologies and processes that will allow us to better serve our customers.”

Victor Shi, president for Asia Pacific at Qiagen, said: “We are pleased to have entered into this partnership with WuXi AppTec, a global leader in providing integrated research and development services to the pharmaceutical industry.

“In doing so, we have created what we believe to be the first laboratory of its kind in Asia equipped with a standardized, fully integrated, automated sample and assay technology platform for drug discovery and development and molecular diagnostics in personalized healthcare and other areas. We believe that this partnership is a significant milestone in providing high-quality and complete automated solutions for the molecular biomarker testing industry.”