The free Azumio Argus iOS app easily synchronizes with the LifeTrak Move C300 activity tracker to integrate physiologic data collected by the device, providing a unified view of the user’s health and wellness.

The company claims that Argus app is the first unified health and fitness data hub that combines all personal statistics and user input into one view and provides context around the data to make it actionable.

Activity data including steps taken, distance, calories burned, and heart rate measured by the LifeTrak Move C300 can be automatically uploaded to Argus via Bluetooth connectivity.

It also monitors and manages activities, food, sleep patterns, exercise, hydration, caffeine-consumption, weight and vitals, providing a comprehensive view of user’s personal wellness statistics.

The $60 LifeTrak Move C300 is waterproof and powered by a single, replaceable battery with a lifespan of more than a year, and connects to the Argus app on iPhone via Bluetooth low energy wireless interface.

Salutron CEO Dr Mike Tsai noted the company is pleased to partner with Azumio that focuses on science and shares its passion for providing the most innovative mobile technologies to promote better health.

"Azumio’s work with research scientists and top clinicians from leading universities like Stanford University and the University of California San Francisco has produced the most comprehensive platform currently available for tracking and analyzing personal health and activity data," Dr Tsai added.

Azumio CEO Bojan Bostjancic noted the partnership with Salutron, enables consumers to gain even greater insight into their wellness through theMove C300.

"Reaching your health and fitness goals is already easier and more fun with Argus – and now it just got even better," Bostjancic added.