Wright Medical said that the system was designed in conjunction with foot and ankle surgeons to facilitate ankle fusion in the treatment of skeletal deformity, late-stage arthritis, or complications resulting from diabetes (neuro-osteoarthropathy).

With an array of sizes and anatomical screw positions, the Valor Nail is designed to provide optimal fixation for each patient’s anatomy and condition. Each fusion nail also incorporates an internal compression device which allows the surgeon to control the compression between bone surfaces, thereby optimising the conditions for fusion to occur.

The new Valor Hindfoot Fusion system will be made available immediately in the US through Wright’s specialised Foot and Ankle sales force. Additionally, the system will be marketed in select countries outside the US through Wright’s direct and distributor-based sales representatives.

Robert Anderson of OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, North Carolina, said: “The Valor Hindfoot Fusion Nail is the only system that provides versatile locking options with reliable internal compression to achieve fusion in a variety of patient conditions and circumstances. When combined with the system’s instrumentation, Wright’s new Valor system makes a complicated surgery simpler and more user friendly.”

Christopher Hyer, DPM of the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center in Columbus, Ohio, said: “The Valor Hindfoot Fusion Nail provides the surgeon with a consistent, reproducible and novel compression device for use in complex ankle reconstructions. There are many unique and innovative features of the Valor system which I find critically important in these highly complex surgeries.”

Tyler Richardson, product manager of the system, said: “The Valor system was designed with the unique challenges of the surgeon and patient in mind. The Valor system offers a variety of implant options to help the surgeon maximize the likelihood of achieving fusion in even the most complex cases, using straightforward and accurate instrumentation.

“The combined offering of the Inbone Total Ankle and the new Valor fusion system makes Wright a clear one-stop solution provider for patients suffering from hindfoot arthritis.”