Wright Medical said that the Xpansion System provides the effectiveness of conventional auto-grafting techniques, but in an outpatient setting. The ability to ‘micro-morselize’ a very small skin graft with the Xpansion System delivers wound site coverage of up to 100 times the size of the donor site graft. This compares with only 9-10 times the size of the donor graft with the conventional dermatome techniques.

According to Wright Medical, the Xpansion System is the latest addition to Wright’s biologics product line for foot and ankle surgery which includes Graftjacket Regenerative Tissue Matrix, Biotape XM Reinforcement Matrix, Pro-Dense Injectable Regenerative Graft, Pro-Stim Injectable Osteo-Inductive Graft, the Allomatrix line of demineralized bone matrix putties, and the Allo-Pure and Cancello-Pure lines of foot and ankle bone wedges.

Eric Gay, director of biologics marketing team at Wright, said: “The Xpansion Micrografting System could prove to be an enabling technology for our surgical podiatry customers, who treat the vast majority of chronic diabetic foot problems. Additionally, we believe the Xpansion System to be a complementary modality to our Graftjacket Matrix, enhancing the chronic wound product offering of our 150+ specialized Foot and Ankle sales representatives.”