VBAS is a suite of cylindrical disposable devices which provide neurosurgeons a stable, minimally invasive working channel to access targeted sites within the brain, such as tumors.

The claims of this patent covers the methods of accessing a surgical site in a patient’s brain using a transparent nested introducer/retractor assembly. The "blade retractor" has been the standard of care device for brain access and retraction for more than 50 years.

The method involves visualizing the brain tissue through the introducer and retractor assembly while the assembly is being advanced, permitting the surgeon to exactly direct movement to the surgical site and identify and address conditions that may exist or arise before the assembly is fully-inserted.

Over 4,000 surgeries have been performed utilizing VBAS till date.

Vycor plans to continue driving VBAS adoption focusing on the new Standard of Care for brain access and retraction.