Regardless of a woman’s goals – trying to avoid pregnancy or hoping to conceive – the Glow App takes the data they enter and produces personalized insights about their body and unique cycle. The company also offers a separate app specifically for the pregnancy and postpartum period.

Now, women can also use the Glow App to refill their birth control prescriptions at a preferred Walgreens location with just a few simple swipes – eliminating the need to call or drop by the pharmacy every month and saving users precious time.

The new feature takes advantage of Glow’s smart cycle-tracking technology, and sends users refill reminders before the new prescription is needed – reducing the risk of missed doses.

"Partnering with Walgreens will make it easier for women to manage their reproductive health and family planning," says Jennifer Tye, Glow’s Vice President of Partnerships and Marketing.

"The Glow App empowers users to take control of their reproductive health, and we’re excited to give Glow users simplified access to birth control within the app. We believe that women should have access to information and insights about their bodies and their health, in every phase of their life. Our partnership with Walgreens is an important step in furthering that mission."