A comfortable and in-home remedy to tackle lower leg and feet pain while improving muscle endurance


Image: Beurer launches Vital Legs Circulation Booster in North America. Photo: Courtesy of Narupon Promvichai/Pixabay

Beurer, the number one leading health care brand in Europe, lands in North America and introduces an EMS device that focuses on relieving muscle tension, promoting blood flow and boosting lower leg and foot movements.

RESTORE and REGENERATE your muscles with Vital Legs Circulation Booster as the device uses EMS technology to revitalize foot stimulation and improve lower leg mobility. The German-engineered device currently holds a competitive advantage in the market as it includes a total of 6 electrodes, 4 in the foot surface and 2 in the extra cuffs available for better pain triggering. Vital Legs is also unique in the sense that it allows you to completely separate one foot or leg from the other during treatment. The illuminated panel allows you to choose from 2 channels with 99 intensity levels and 15 pulse wave variations and apply any settings individually to the area that needs treatment.

As sedentary lifestyles are on the rise, Vital Legs helps battle against it by enhancing circulation and relieving any pain or discomfort on the lower leg and feet. EMS therapy is a proven medical method that has been used to rehabilitate injures and chronic conditions, which is why Vital Legs includes a built-in step function that mobilizes foot movements, improves flexibility and promotes agility in the affected area.

Increasing muscle strength and reducing swelling due to poor circulation starts at home. We encourage using Vital Legs 30 minutes every day and allow it to activate your lower leg and foot muscles to deliver fresh-nutrient & oxygen-rich blood straight to the source of your pain. The product includes a remote controller for added comfort and allows you to power the device on/off, set the timer from 5 to 90 minutes, and adjust the intensity.

Source: Company Press Release