The proven technology identifies candidate patients with hard-to-diagnose diseases.

Vencore Health Analytics combines clinical knowledge with big data aggregation to provide drug manufacturers a better way to identify potential patients with hard-to-diagnose diseases. Vencore Health Analytics identifies those patients by applying proven analytical methods and advanced machine learning algorithms to unidentified patient data.

The proprietary technology integrates the full spectrum of structured and unstructured data, including electronic health record (EHR), genomic and claims data.

Finding aberrations and behavior patterns by sifting through large volumes of data is something Vencore has done successfully for many customers and purposes in the government sector since its inception more than 40 years ago. Vencore’s health analytics business is able to leverage this sophisticated capability to help connect patients with treatments and cures.

"Pharmaceutical companies invest heavily in developing drugs that can treat and even cure rare diseases," said Donna Murphy, chief executive officer at Havas Health. "The proven patient finder technology that Vencore offers can enhance our clients’ abilities to efficiently and effectively connect their treatments with potential patients."

"The Vencore-Havas Health collaboration is an exceptional partnership, bringing together best-of-breed data analytics expertise with unparalleled marketing experience and leadership," said Mac Curtis, president and chief executive officer of Vencore. "This new relationship will allow Vencore to expand its reach and make a life-changing, and in some cases life-saving, impact on patients who suffer from ailments that have gone undiagnosed for years."

It is estimated that one in 10 Americans are suffering with a rare disease. While nearly 7,000 rare diseases have been identified, medical science continually adds new ones to the list. Unfortunately, because of their rarity, perfectly qualified doctors never learn about these diseases in medical school, and may not recognize a case that walks into their practice.

For someone suffering from a rare disease, that can mean decades of delayed or inaccurate diagnosis, ineffective treatments, lack of access to experts and a significantly reduced quality of life. Vencore’s patient finder technology assists the earlier identification of those potential patients.

During the last two years, Vencore completed 12 conclusive trials and pilot programs with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies using this technology. Vencore is currently using its patient finder technology for the benefit of several drug companies targeting multiple different hard-to-diagnose diseases.