The 708-DS supports a broad set of applications ranging from manual dissolution testing to automated, high-throughput analysis.

Varian said that its 708-DS provides flexibility to match the needs of individual laboratories, whether in research or testing. Integration with either the new Varian UV or LC Dissolution Systems will save time and reduce the potential for sample handling errors.

Varian’s 708-DS with traditional water bath and TruAlign vessels supports several automation options, including automated media temperature sensing, dosage delivery and sampling. Customers can decide for themselves which automation options make sense for their laboratory.

Varian said that its 708-DS offers integration capabilities for UV and HPLC analytical finishes, for increased productivity beyond manual and semi-automated testing. Its UV Dissolution System provides online UV analysis with a choice of either multicell or fiber-optic configurations. The Varian LC Dissolution System is a fully integrated, automated online HPLC dissolution system that can provide the maximum amount of information about each sample.

Both the UV and LC Dissolution Systems reduce the time required for complete sample analysis. Varian’s breadth of products offer the ability to obtain complete dissolution, UV and HPLC solutions from one provider, eliminating concerns over integrating components from multiple vendors.

Martin Donoghue, senior vice president of Scientific Instruments, said: “The introduction of the 708-DS is clear evidence that Varian continues to listen to our customers and make a investment in providing answers for their needs. Our position as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical testing equipment is further enhanced by the ability to deliver complete dissolution, UV and HPLC solutions from one provider.”