The Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) has cleared Sorin Group's Memo 3D Semi-Rigid Annuloplasty Ring.

Memo Annuloplasty Ring’s cell-structure design helps in mimicking the physiological three-dimensional motility of the native mitral annulus and accommodates the anatomical saddle shape.

Memo Ring includes a shape memory and super-elastic alloy core which helps to restore the native shape and function, carbofilm coating for hemo-compatibility, suture placement guides and a special configuration of the silicon filler for ease of implant.

The Memo 3D implant procedure was performed at the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital.

Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital spokesperson Okada said, "Due to its semi-rigid design and Carbofilm coating, MEMO 3D is expected to provide continuous physiological motion of the mitral annulus after mitral valve repair."