Vaica Medical, an innovation leading provider in medication adherence and remote patient management (RPM) is announcing its anti-coagulation (blood clotting) remote management solution.

The need to maintain an optimal blood viscosity levels is pertinent for at-risk patients with Thrombotic Predisposition (hypercoagulable states), heart rhythm disorders, artificial heart valves, Renal failure, and more.  In the US alone, 1% of the adult population are on blood thinners.  A commonly prescribed (and affordable) medication is Warfarin. However, the use of Warfarin requires life-long and frequent blood testing of INR (blood-thinning level) to optimize the dosage and ensure that the INR remains within the patient-specific therapeutic range. This current standard of care requires frequent laboratory and doctor visits, which in many cases deters patients and cause them not to adhere to their treatment regimen– a life-threatening situation.

Vaica’s comprehensive 360◦ “Track and Treat” approach provides all necessary tools to successfully address these challenges. The basic Anticoagulation kit includes Vaica’s SimpleMed™ Smart Medication adherence dispenser, along with a home Coagulometer.

Patients will be reminded daily to take their medication, and periodically to measure their INR. The physician shall receive all the information necessary to resolve of out-of-therapeutic-range results. This unique platform will markedly reduce the need for patients’ laboratory and doctor office visits, and most importantly, will ensure that patients remain within their target therapeutic range, thus minimizing the risks of life-threatening hemorrhagic or thromboembolic complications.

“Vaica’s seamless solution, far exceeding today’s standard-of-care, provides an effective means to successfully tackle a serious problem,” said Eran Steinberg, Vaica’s President. “Smart management of blood thinning is yet another consequential and innovative offering from Vaica”

The data generated by Vaica`s Anticoagulation Kit, integrating electronic medication dispenser for optimizing Warfarin adherence with home coagulometer, is seamlessly aggregated by the Medy™ home hub and uploaded via cellular connectivity to the secure Vaica cloud infrastructure.

The entire workflow is reimbursable by the major US insurance agencies using existing CPT codes.

Source: Company Press Release