QBC Diagnostics claimed that the QBC Star provides users a 9-parameter complete blood count through its patented dry hematology approach, which eliminates the need for liquid reagents.

The Star can be transported easily and provide accurate patient results within minutes because of the technology, as well as the unit’s small footprint and internal calibration system.

QBC Diagnostics president and CEO Ken Moscone said that they are pleased to bring the benefits of the QBC Star to the men and women of the US Navy and the Star possesses many features that will help to keep our servicemen and women healthy as they protect our country.

“Our line of hematology products are especially well suited for use in the military environment. With one-button operation, no start-up requirements, and the use of simple blood collection tubes, the Star is robust, designed to go anywhere and provide results quickly,” Moscone said.

“Unlike liquid reagents, dry QBC technology is not adversely affected by the pitch and roll of a ship, making it especially well-suited for use on Navy vessels.”