XingImaging has initiated a Florbetapir PET radiotracer production network and PET acquisition to support clinical studies in China for Eisai Inc. on their MissionAD trial, global Phase 3 program for the Beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme (BACE) inhibitor elenbecestat (E2609).

XingImaging is actively incorporating into their network the production of additional tracers targeting neurodegenerative disorders. They expect the availability of these tracers in China by 4Q 2018 for use in clinical research. XingImaging also anticipates expanding their current production network from five sites in 2018 to 10 sites in 2019.

XingImaging CEO Gilles Tamagnan said: “XingImaging is committed to production of radiotracers to support clinical trials in China and we are delighted to be working with Eisai as our inaugural PET imaging multi-center clinical trial.

“Most importantly, XingImaging’s PET capabilities will help enable AD patients in China to participate in clinicals trial testing novel AD investigational therapeutics moving forward.”

A privately held Delaware limited liability company (LLC) based in New Haven, CT. XingImaging LLC is a specialty radiopharmaceutical production and PET acquisition CRO formed in January 2018 to fill a unique clinical research role in China.

XingImaging is a US based biomarker imaging company focused on conducting radiopharmaceutical imaging trials in China.

With well-established study teams in China and the US, XingImaging works in collaboration with biotech and pharmaceutical companies for the testing and advancement of therapeutics through brain imaging.

Source: Company Press Release