Renesas Electronics America has launched Continua Health Alliance demonstration platform based on the Renesas Electronics V850 energy-efficient microcontroller (MCU) with certified Continua Blood Glucose agent software to handle the added software load without sacrificing the long battery life.

The Renesas Electronics V850 Continua demonstration platform, which runs software from Lamprey Networks, implements a set of guidelines for blood glucose meters developed by the Continua Health Alliance.

The Renesas Electronics 32-bit V850ES/Jx3-L MCUs enable the V850 devices to process more than other MCUs at a lower frequency.

With up to 1 MB of flash memory, the V850 devices can accommodate evolving standards for connected portable medical devices.

Renesas Electronics America Microcontroller Products & Solutions marketing director Ritesh Tyagi said the Continua demo illustrates how an energy-efficient MCU and a software solution can assist their medical customers develop connected medical devices.