This is the second FDA 510(k) cleared multiplex test the company has for use on the eSensor XT-8 System and follows clearance of a Warfarin Sensitivity Test. The Warfarin Sensitivity Test is used as an aid in the identification of patients at risk for increased sensitivity to the widely used blood-thinning drug warfarin.

Osmetech expects further commercial progress in 2009 by expanding the eSensor XT-8 test menu to include an extended Warfarin Sensitivity Test panel that includes CYP 4F2, a CYP 2C9 Genotyping panel, a venous thrombosis panel of Factor V, Factor II and MTHFR and a Respiratory Virus Pathogen panel.

James White, Chief Executive, Osmetech plc, commented: This FDA clearance marks the start of the broadening of the menu of FDA cleared tests available to our growing base of eSensor XT-8 System customers. Our proprietary, multiplexed DNA eSensor technology allows for the rapid development of new tests which we plan to commercialise globally consistent with market demands.”

“We have been delighted with the excellent operational performance of our eSensor XT-8 System in the market and we will transition our first generation eSensor 4800 cystic fibrosis carrier detection customers over to the eSensor XT-8 System, enabling them to benefit from its many advantages including greater ease of use and widening test menu.”