Radiologists at the University of Utah Health are using Philips Illumeo with adaptive intelligence to interact with imaging data to enhance physician expertise and efficiency.


Image: Philips Illumeo with adaptive intelligence will change how radiologists see, seek and share clinical information. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Initial results include productivity benefits in turnaround time, same day readings, and context driven tool selection.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions have the potential to increase the efficiency of care delivery and improve patient care.

Through solutions that combine AI and other technologies with knowledge of the clinical and operational context in which they are used, Philips provides a people-centered approach called adaptive intelligence. This augments the capabilities of clinicians to seamlessly connect people, data and technology to empower radiologists.

University of Utah Health provides care for residents of Utah and five surrounding states, with a referral area that encompasses more than 10 percent of the continental U.S.

Due to this large volume of coverage and an increase in imaging data, the radiology department faces increasing amounts of imaging studies and data that need to be processed – about five hundred thousand per year.

The health system selected to implement Illumeo, an imaging and informatics technology with adaptive intelligence, to intelligently interact with imaging data.

Illumeo combines contextual cues and Anatomy Awareness capabilities with advanced data and image processing to augment the radiologist’s routine activities.

The technology supports interactions with imaging data comparisons and provides an integrated view of clinically relevant, case-related information from various sources, designed to optimize workflow and enhance care consistency.

University of Utah Health radiology and imaging sciences professor Dr Richard Wiggins said: “Illumeo leverages adaptive intelligence and analytics to anticipate what a radiologist needs to do next, allowing him/her to interact with imaging data in a much more intelligent way.

“The solution moves beyond just hanging protocols, by providing a faster way for radiologists to find all similar series of studies and compare them side-by-side to see if lesions are getting larger over time. This new technology allows us to further improve time savings and efficiencies so we can provide the best care to our patients.”

In addition to providing worklist benefits to more intelligently route studies to the appropriate groups of radiologists through IntelliSpace PACS Radiology Workspace Solution (RWS), there are multiple administrative goals the health system hopes to facilitate and achieve with the adoption of Illumeo in conjunction with RWS, some of which are already being delivered, including:

Improved turnaround times – Radiologists can now prioritize the most urgent studies based on a more automated process for study promotion.

More efficient same day care – By prioritizing cases, radiologists can successfully delivers reports in time for follow up appointments taking place later in the day.

Streamlined screen real estate – Integrated applications in Illumeo present information in one window with similar user interfaces to minimize distractions for the radiologist.

Relevant imaging toolsets – Illumeo is context sensitive and anatomy-aware in intuitively serving up relevant tools for the analysis.

Exam open speed improvements – Illumeo presents images exactly the way radiologists need to read them, reducing set-up time and interactions for a faster and more efficient reading.

Philips connected care and health informatics CEO Carla Kriwet said: “Adaptive intelligence will help clinicians sort through increasing amounts of data, and automate manual tasks to summarize and present data into existing workflows. Our goal with Illumeo, and all of our adaptive intelligence-powered solutions, is to create a seamless radiology experience, delivering the right data at the right time.”

Source: Company Press Release