TriReme has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its GliderXtreme PTA balloon catheter, a differentiated balloon catheter, designed to cross difficult and highly diseased lesions to restore blood flow in the complex peripheral anatomy.

TriReme’s coronary version of the GliderXtreme, known as the Glider PTCA balloon catheter, is designed to overcome the limitations of conventional balloon catheters in treating complex disease by improving torque and push transmission.

TriReme president and CEO Eitan Konstantino said this agreement is a critical step in the realization of their Asian strategy and look forward in working with CMI to develop this market and to move market adoption to TriReme’s line of product.

CMI president and CEO Akira Hoshino said they are pleased to have entered into this long-term distribution agreement with TriReme and are impressed with TriReme’s catheter products and development capabilities, and look forward to working closely with TriReme.