Stevanato Group will develop and manufacture its glass pre-fillable syringe Alba, assembled with the Integrated Spray Module (ISM) of the Recipharm’s soft mist inhaler technology, Pre-Filled Syringe Inhaler (PFSI)


Stevanato to develop and manufacture pre-fillable syringes. (Credit: Business Wire/Stevanato Group S.p.A.)

Italian glass container manufacturer Stevanato Group and Swedish pharmaceutical company Recipharm have collaborated on pre-fillable syringes for the latter’s soft mist inhalers.

Under the partnership, Stevanato Group will develop and manufacture its glass pre-fillable syringe Alba, integrated with Recipharm’s soft mist inhaler technology.

Alba will be assembled with the Integrated Spray Module (ISM) of the Recipharm’s Pre-Filled Syringe Inhaler (PFSI) technology.

Stevanato will take responsibility for the primary drug package, while Recipharm will focus on the design and manufacture of the inhalation device, and the fill and finish of the product.

Stevanato Group CBO Mauro Stocchi said: “Biopharma companies are advancing patient care with new, innovative treatments, particularly in biologics and mRNA therapies.

“These products require specialised, high-performance drug containment systems, like our Alba syringe platform, together with patient-centric drug delivery devices like the PFSI.

“Thanks to our integrated end-to-end capabilities we are able to support our customers at scale with a comprehensive system solution.”

Stevanato said that its Alba syringes come with an internal coating based on silicone oil, which is cross-linked with the glass surface, to ensure superior performance during delivery.

The combination of the Alba syringe and Recipharm’s soft mist inhaler technology delivers sensitive drug products more efficiently to the respiratory airways.

It also provides biopharma companies with a containment solution with additional stability and safety.

PFSI technology is developed, manufactured, and licensed by Resyca, a joint venture between Recipharm and Medspray, as a pre-filled and ready-to-use inhalation device.

Resyca general manager and chief operating officer Bernhard Muellinger said: “We will be able to offer a turnkey solution, and accelerate and de-risk our pharmaceutical customers’ development programs.”

Stevanato Group CEO Franco Moro said: “Creating a network of strategic collaboration partners is an important element of our long-term strategy to match customers’ needs and address self-administration trends in patient care with user-friendly drug delivery devices that provide variable and accurate dosing.

“This agreement marks another key step in broadening our high-value solutions and integrated capabilities as we continue to diversify and enhance our presence in the drug delivery market of pen injectors, auto-injectors, inhalers, and wearable pods.”