Community Tissue Services, a partner of Tissue Regenix, will begin shipping DermaPure to customers next week.

Tissue Regenix has also signed an exclusive government supplier partnership with Tassma for the distribution of DermaPure. This partnership will allow Tissue Regenix to immediately target the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare System and the numerous branches of the US military.

Tissue Regenix’s DermaPure works by taking human donor skin and removing the DNA and cells, using the patented dCELL process to leave a natural biological scaffold that can be placed in the wound to aid natural healing by attracting the patient’s own cells to the wound area.

According to Tissue Regenix, a UK study has shown that patients who have had chronic wounds for an average of 4½ years and who were treated with a single application of the company’s DermaPure have seen an 87% reduction in the size of all wounds, while 60% of patients were completely healed, with virtually no recurrences.

DermaPure, which is stored at room temperature, can be easily administered in hospital and/or community settings, such as GP clinics.

Tissue Regenix has also announced that the company currently has a network of over 60 representatives that covers 80% of the US. Through this network, sale reps will actively promote its dCELL human dermis in acute care hospitals, veteran affairs hospitals and institutions, as well as in long term acute care hospitals.