The CAPIOX FX Advance replaces the current CAPIOX FX15 and FX25 line of oxygenators manufactured in Elkton, Maryland.

"Terumo Cardiovascular Group was the first company to introduce a hollow fiber membrane oxygenator and since then, has led the way in oxygenator innovation and quality," says Arik Anderson, President, Perfusion and Surgical Devices Division. "The FX Advance Oxygenator builds on that innovation and represents Terumo’s continuing investment in its CAPIOX oxygenator portfolio."

Enhancements to the CAPIOX FX Advance include improved flow dynamics with an increased blood flow rate on the 3,000 mL reservoir – available on the FX15 Advance Oxygenator – and a lower minimum operating level on the 4,000 mL reservoir – available on the FX15 and FX25 Advance Oxygenators.

The CAPIOX FX Advance helps clinicians further reduce prime volume and lower hemodilution, allowing them to choose a smaller, lower prime oxygenator for even more patients.

"Terumo’s Elkton, Maryland, facility has established a reputation as an industry leader in oxygenator development and manufacturing," says Lou Peticca, Elkton Facility Plant Manager. "All Elkton Associates know the importance of their work. We’re in the business of saving lives, and everything we do has that objective in mind."