JustRight vessel sealing system is claimed to be the first electrosurgical device to be used specifically for pediatric patients.

The company subjected its 3mm vessel sealer through rigorous testing to achieve the additional clearance from the FDA.

According to the company, the vessel sealer demonstrated to be safe for use in extremely tight or small spaces found in teens, children, infants and neonates.

The low-power vessel sealing technology will permanently fuse vessels without the risk of damaging critical and adjacent structures.

The firm has also developed a 5mm stapler using the titanium wire staple in a clinically accepted B shape.

JustRight Surgical president and CEO Russ Lindemann said: "Pediatric surgeons have been requesting ‘right-sized’ surgical instruments and technologies for years.

"This pediatric indication for use of vessel sealing is the first of its kind. It further validates the truly unique technical advancements made by our development team.

"We are the only surgical device manufacturer to focus solely on pediatrics. Now surgeons and hospitals are recognizing the value we bring to caring for the smallest of patients."

JustRight Surgical’s instruments are currently used in general and thoracic procedures in around 100 children’s hospitals in the US and Europe.