Dehaier Medical Systems has now formed a comprehensive line of products to address the market demands of sleep diagnosis, sleep apnea treatment and CPAP treatment evaluation. This product portfolio should be introduced for sale in early 2014.

Dehaier Medical Systems CEO and president Chen noted the company’s new DHR998 sleep diagnostic device is a technological upgrade based on its original high efficiency sleep diagnostic and monitoring product.

"The new device improves upon its predecessor with an enhanced and more user-friendly operating system and more accurate respiratory analysis across five testing variables: PPG (plethysmograph), oxygen saturation, heart rate, snoring and body position. By using the Morpheus Ox System, the advanced automatic sleep scoring software generates an accurate and reliable sleep study diagnosis, including Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), sleep/wake time, and Cheyne-Stokes breathing patterns.

"The new generation Morpheus Ox is a comprehensive platform that manages a cost-effective sleep services operation, including patient electronic medical records, cardiac and sleep diagnostics outcomes and complete workflow management. The web-based automatic scoring and data management quickly gives users valuable clinical information to improve patient treatment. We will start advertising and selling these products in the first quarter of 2014," Chen added.