This next-generation solution for controlling automated material transport is the most advanced and IT-friendly pneumatic tube system solution available and is designed to change the way hospitals work.

The Nexus software is part of a broader technology platform that serves as a core technology for hospitals, providing connection and integration across pneumatic tube system hardware, software and accessories.

Swisslog product manager Ray Castro noted that with the Nexus solutions technology platform, the company is giving its customers greater visibility and access to material transport information, as well as better control of critical transactions.

"Nexus Technology Solutions enhance the functionality of existing pneumatic tube systems and offer state-of-the-art capabilities for new installations," Castro added.

The Nexus System Control Software is the latest addition to the suite of Nexus Solutions Technology solutions, which includes NexSeal Carrier, Nexus Control Panel and Nexus Station (anticipated late 2014).

NexSeal Carrier is an leak-resistant carrier. The carrier’s design features one-step latches for effortless closure — providing quick access and faster turnaround times.

Nexus Control Panel features an intuitive touch screen for easy access to station controls. The panel is a revolutionary departure from traditional control panels and the foundation of future advances in PTS technology.

Nexus Station (anticipated late 2014) is a next generation of pneumatic tube system stations and provides silent delivery of PTS carriers and improved carrier management through a carousel that handles both send and receive actions.