As part of the agreement, Access Genetics will incorporate web-based software, materials and protocols that Access Genetics developed specifically for use with the LabChip GX and market the combined platform’s benefits to a wide community of clinicians, pathologists, and physicians. The LabChip GX system provides laboratories, offering DNA-diagnostic testing, a platform for automating numerous molecular tests on a common instrument system.

Caliper’s LabChip GX system is an advanced automated electrophoresis instrument that utilizes microfluidics chip-based technology to provide high-resolution nucleic acid analysis. Caliper’s portfolio of patented microfluidic tools and technologies, including chips, instrument design, and software for data displays and analysis, is changing the way diagnostics and research is performed in laboratories by providing faster, more reproducible and more accurate data.

Ron McGlennen, founder, president and medical director of Access Genetics, said: “For 10 years we have awaited an instrument platform that realizes the potential of miniaturized DNA-based diagnostics. The LabChip GX platform is a versatile and economical solution for clinical molecular applications.”

Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences, said: “Our partnership with Access Genetics should accelerate adoption of LabChip GX instruments in the attractive and evolving molecular diagnostic market. We look forward to working with Access Genetics to optimize LabChip technology for diagnostics applications.”