US-based orthopaedic technology company SurGenTec has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) approval for its OsteoFlo HydroPutty synthetic bone graft.

OsteoFlo HydroPutty is an advanced bone graft technology that features a combination of unique hydrophilic carriers to absorb fluids such as bone marrow aspirate, blood or saline.

The unique formulation converts into putty and provides superior handling characteristics with a resorption profile optimized for bone growth.

SurGenTec founder and CEO Travis Greenhalgh said: “We are thrilled to add OsteoFlo HydroPutty to our portfolio. Its unique hydrophilic bonds enable the attachment of growth factors and provide an ideal scaffolding for bone growth.

“This product underscores our commitment to developing next-generation solutions for physicians and patients.”

OsteoFlo HydroPutty is offered in a sterile vial as a dry formulation and upon adding fluid, its hydrophilic bonds will swiftly absorb the desired fluid to form a putty.

The synthetic bone graft can be packed into voids, prevents irrigation, and may even be delivered easily through the Graftgun bone graft delivery system.

OsteoFlo HydroPutty provides physicians with a fully synthetic bone graft option, minimizing the risks associated with human tissue.

SurGenTec also announced the first implantations of its hydrophilic synthetic bone graft.

Duly Health and Care spine Surgery chairman Ashish Patel said: “OsteoFlo HydroPutty, with its ability to absorb autologous blood products and its ease of use, fills a critical gap in the realm of synthetic bone grafts.

“Its unique capability to blend with allograft and flow through small apertures makes it extremely useful when performing both open and minimally invasive surgical procedures.”

Baptist Health minimally invasive and robotic spine surgery director and neurosurgeon Tim O’Connor said: “OsteoFlo HydroPutty provides a transformative solution that incorporates growth factors like Bone Marrow Aspirate to enhance fusion opportunity.

“Most synthetic putties are hydrophobic and repel fluid. HydroPutty differentiates itself by allowing me to deliver next-generation hydrophilic bone graft to maximize fusion in minimally invasive surgery.”