The study evaluated the safety and efficacy of pan facial soft tissue augmentation with Artefill, for the correction of lipoatrophy in HIV patients. Three patients were previously treated with Sculptra, six with Radiesse. Patients received Artefill injections over a six-month period until full correction was achieved.

In the study, the changes were evaluated from baseline using a zero to four atrophic grading scale. The results showed that all patients had improvement and no adverse events were reported. In total, 54.5% of patients improved at least two grades based on this four point grading scale at their evaluation time point, which ranged from two to 25 months.

Reportedly, the patients were treated with Artefill in varied intervals ranging from six weeks to one year and changes were evaluated from baseline. Improvement was seen in all HIV lipoatrophy patients ranging between 50-100%. Non-HIV patients experienced overall facial contour improvement.

Joseph Eviatar, chelsea eye and cosmetic surgery associates at New York Medical College, said: “Artefill proved to be effective in restoring volume to the face in these HIV lipoatrophy patients and we believe may offer a more long-term, cost effective treatment option for this patient population.”