Cerma has created a spin-off Cermavein to expand commercialization of its proprietary Steam Vein Sclerosis (SVS) technology for endovenous thermal ablation.

With SVS, physicians can offer patients a one-time, minimally invasive ambulatory procedure for all forms of varicose veins (saphenous, tributary and recurrences).

Pulses of steam are delivered directly into the vein, allowing a homogenous diffusion of heat, which then causes the shrinking of the vein wall and the definitive obliteration of the vein.

SVS treatment can be applied by vascular surgeons, phlebologists, angiologists or dermatologists in a sterile environment under local anesthesia.

Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands professor Martino Neumann said SVS avoids carbonization, associated with pain and complications, a frequent result of other endovenous thermal ablation techniques.

Cermavein’s SVS system is currently marketed in France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Israel, Romania and the Baltic States.

The system has recently been approved for marketing in Canada.