FasTouch fixation system is intended for fixation of prosthetic material to soft tissues in various minimally invasive and open surgical procedures such as hernia repairs.

The FasTouch delivers uniquely designed suture-like fasteners that mimics traditional sutures by providing a closed and locked fixation loop around the mesh and the tissue. It provides superior fixation strength while minimizing the amount of implanted foreign body.

Dr Brian P. Jacob, a member of the Via Surgical Medical advisory board and regional medical director at AngelMD said: "With the potential to reduce chronic pain complaints and a reduction in overall related costs, the FasTouch hernia mesh fixation system will help hernia surgeons everywhere to optimize patient outcomes."

Via Surgical founder and CEO Ofek Levin noted that the company is thrilled to have reached this value-creating milestone with the FDA clearance of FasTouch.

"Clinical interest in FasTouch is extremely high, surgeons are intrigued by the ability to deliver flexible and consistent suture-like fasteners combined with the ease of delivery of a standard tacking device. I believe the FasTouch will revolutionize the mesh fixation market," Levin added.