With its distinctive three wave lengths of light, the StarAligners Illumina System improves gum health, boosts circulation, and offers teeth whitening and photobiomodulation

StarAligners Illumina Oral Health

StarAligners’ Illumina Oral Therapy System. (Credit: PRNewswire/ StarAligners, LLC)

Canada-based oral wellness care company StarAligners announced the launch of a new orthodontic product, Illumina.

Illumina oral therapy system, which uses three different wave lengths of light, can help shorten the duration of clear aligner therapy by using near-infrared light, as well as whitening teeth.

The firm said that the system can also delay and stop the progression of receding gum lines.

The tissues can metabolise properly due to the mitochondrial enzymes’ ability to take up photons from light and boost the creation of adenosine 5′-triphosphate ATP energy.

Infrared light sometimes referred to as photobiomodulation, has been demonstrated to double the rate of ATP generation, said StarAligners.

The Illumina device combines three different forms of light for overall patient outcomes: 450nm Blue (for teeth whitening), 600nm Red (for gum health), and 850nm near-infrared (for facilitating tooth movement).

The StarAligners Illumina Oral Therapy device uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the infrared and red spectrums, which have been scientifically shown to improve circulation and gum health.

Non-UV blue lights boost the efficacy of whitening gels by eradicating coffee, tea, and wine tannin stains, leaving teeth whiter.

A 1.7oz container of StarAligners Teeth Whitener & Aligner Cleaner foam that has been specially developed to function with Illumina is also included with the device.

StarAligners Operations and Sales vice president John Nabors said: “Thanks to the innovative technology of Illumina is a game-changer for patients and our business.

“Photobiomodulation has been around for decades, and multiple peer-reviewed articles demonstrate the efficacy of its use in accelerating clear aligner treatment.”

Nabors added: “We have an exceptional device that doctors can now order for their patients or can be purchased directly from our e-commerce site.”