Spine Wave, a leading provider of spine surgery solutions and eCential Robotics, a growth MedTech company that designs and produces an open platform unifying robotics, surgical navigation, and 2D/3D robotic imaging, today announced they have entered into a long-term collaboration agreement. The collaboration, involving development, marketing, and commercialization, will offer a combined optimized solution and enhance robotic spine surgery.

Combining innovative technologies and strengths

eCential Robotics and Spine Wave have agreed to collaborate to offer a combination of their integrated technologies and solutions addressing robotic spine surgeries. Built on the technical excellence of their products and a common long-term vision, a collaboration combining two critical assets is emerging:

eCential Robotics Platform

eCential Robotics’ evolving and open surgical platform is focused on providing optimized robotics solutions for bone surgery, in relation with intra-operative imaging solutions. The platform is a universal solution open to surgeons’ choice of implant systems, designed to expand to a wide range of surgical applications and connect to commonly used 2D/3D imaging devices. The platform aims at becoming a standard in the OR, to cover all neuro-musculo-skeletal procedures, targeting profitable shared use of the platform across hospital departments.

Spine Wave Spinal Implants and Instrumentation

The Salvo® Spine System addresses most thoracolumbar fixation procedures with an advanced modular screw design whereby the separate “tulip” and “shank” components of the screw can be assembled in-situ after surgical decompression or on the back table prior to implantation. This versatility can enhance visibility within the surgical field even with less invasive procedures. Surgeons appreciate the distinct audible and visual keys that make confirmation of proper screw assembly easy and reliable. The novel modular tensioned head prevents the tulip from “flopping”, which facilitates rod approximation into the screws. Taken together, these features can make thoracolumbar fixation procedures easier and faster. Hospitals appreciate how Salvo® Spine System’s modular design can provide a full complement of implant options with fewer cases and trays to maintain, which may reduce their operating costs.

Taking full advantage of Spine Wave implant solutions using the eCential Robotics platform

With a streamlined workflow and a smartphone-inspired user interface, spine surgeons will benefit from eCential Robotics’ state-of-the-art integrated platform, fully compatible with Spine Wave’s comprehensive and proven portfolio. Navigation and robotics will make it possible to fully utilize the specific features of Spine Wave’s innovative spine implants and contribute to optimizing surgical procedures. The collaboration will also bring patients the benefits of the latest advances in navigation, robotics, and implant technologies.

Integrating the eCential Robotics open surgical platform with Spine Wave’s thoracolumbar fixation products, including the Salvo® 5.5/6.0mm Spine System in open and MIS configurations, is an initial collaboration objective. Other leading Spine Wave products will be considered for integration as the collaboration progresses.

“Spine Wave is excited to enter the robot-assisted spine surgery market in collaboration with eCential Robotics,” said Laine Mashburn, Spine Wave’s Executive Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development. “Combining eCential Robotics’ technologies and robotics capabilities with ours in minimally invasive spine surgery will create meaningful benefits for surgeons, hospitals and their patients, and competitive advantages and growth opportunities for both eCential Robotics and Spine Wave.”

Mrs. Laurence Chabanas, eCential Robotics Chief Strategy Officer, declared: “We are delighted to collaborate with Spine Wave, a well-established US spine market player and a leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. The collaboration will enable us to develop and market the equivalent of the smartphone for medical robots. Thanks to our “open” strategy, eCential Robotics’ approach is to collaborate and intensify our partnerships with multiple technology and implant solutions companies. As we continue to develop and augment our platform, opening the platform also means compatibility with diverse 3D imaging devices and hosting partners’ proprietary applications.” “This collaboration with Spine Wave also supports our penetration of the US market,” she added.

Source: Company Press Release