The Axxion system features a blade configuration which slides directly into a 2cm incision without the need for sequential tissue dilation. The system then expands to facilitate surgical exposure with minimal tissue disruption.

The Axxion MIS Retractor System is not currently available for general release. However, Spinal Elements is working toward a staged release of the system along with a full complement of MIS surgical instrumentation and implantable hardware.

Dr Ibrahim, MD of South Denver Spine in Parker, Colorado, said: “The Axxion MIS Retractor System has several benefits over other systems currently on the market. The system has the advantage of ‘one step’ deployment which allows the surgeon to dock the retractor directly over the area to be exposed without the requirement of multiple dilators.

“The Axxion system also has the advantage of allowing the surgeon to uniquely configure the retractor blades independently to conform to the patient’s anatomy rather than placing the same type of tubular retractor in patients with differing anatomy in a ‘cookie cutter’ fashion.”

Jason Blain, chief technology officer of Spinal Elements, said: “This first procedure is an important milestone in Spinal Elements’ move into the minimally invasive spine surgery market. MIS continues to be a growing segment of the spine surgery market as surgeons and patients seek solutions that enable a less traumatic surgery and faster recovery. Spinal Elements intends to become a technological leader in this segment.”