Spectral Diagnostics Inc. announced that it presented new findings demonstrating the clinical utility of its EAA Endotoxin Activity Assay at the 13th Annual Critical Care for Endotoxemia congress in Japan. The only FDA cleared diagnostic assay is used for the measurement of endotoxin. The conference was focused on the role of endotoxemia in sepsis. In addition to Spectral's presentation, data was presented from the Italian Critical Care Nephrology Study Group showing the Toraymyxin cartridge, which removes endotoxin from the bloodstream, significantly improves organ function. Prof M. Ranieri (Turin, Italy) also presented data showing significant improvement in kidney function in septic patients when endotoxin was removed using the Toraymyxin cartridge. The first reported experience from India also showed positive results. "This meeting attracts critical care physicians from many parts of Asia, including Korea and India. Many of the presentations at this important conference use data collected with Spectral's EAA and highlight the value of our product, both independently and in combination with anti-endotoxin therapies," said Dr. Paul Walker, President and CEO of Spectral. "Data from these studies assists us as we develop the clinical pathway for the development of our combined EAA and the Toraymyxin cartridge product in the US." Debra Foster, Director of Spectral's Sepsis Program, presented data on the use of EAA in the management of intra-abdominal sepsis following surgical intervention. These findings will be published after the conference.