Cohera Medical, a US-based developer of absorbable surgical adhesives and sealants, has announced the successful completion of a European clinical trial confirming the safety of its Sylys surgical sealant, designed to significantly reduce anastomotic leakage in intestinal procedures.

The clinical trial has been conducted at two sites in the Netherlands.

Cohera Medical claims Sylys is one of the first synthetic sealants that is specifically developed to significantly reduce anastomotic leakage in intestinal anastomosis procedures.

Sylys is used in conjunction with standard anastomotic closure techniques. It protects the suture or staple line, supporting the anastomosis during the first few days of healing, when leaks are most likely to occur.

Cohera Medical president and CEO Patrick Daly noted Sylys enhances standard closure techniques, advancing the healing process and reducing post-operative complications.

"With the completion of this study, we are a step closer to providing patients with the best opportunity for a successful outcome following intestinal anastomosis procedures," Daly added.

According to Cohera Medical, Sylys has the potential to make an enormous impact on an industry estimated as a $1-4bn market.