The ART ultrasound solution includes the Flex Focus 700, the 3DART endocavity transducer, the RST Robotic Stationary Transducer Arm for securing the endocavity transducer during procedures, and the robotic transducer, ProART(TM).

The 3DART endocavity transducer is small in diameter for minimal patient discomfort with no moving parts touching the patient.

The company’s ProART specialized robotic transducer is designed to address the ultrasound imaging during robotic-assisted surgery.

The system comes with a touch screen and a remote control that provides the surgeon control of the ultrasound system from the surgical console.

The system is available with the optional BK Power Pack, a full back-up power solution that provides plug-free imaging for up to four hours, allowing the system to fit into a tight space or suite without requiring an electrical source.

University of Central Florida urology associate professor, urologic oncology director and Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute director Vipul Patel said the 3D endocavity transducer and ultrasound tools have the potential to aid both surgeons alike to help define anatomy of the bladder neck and apex during robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) procedures and robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN) procedures.