Spectral Molecular Imaging is a development-stage medical imaging device company, applying its proprietary hyperspectral-optical imaging technology, originally developed for satellite reconnaissance, to advance the early and accurate diagnoses of cancer and precancerous conditions.

The company is developing non-invasive imaging systems using its patented technology and other proprietary knowhow for improved clinical diagnostics, primarily in the field of cancer pathology. Its devices utilise high-resolution imaging, identification, and analysis of certain molecular, cellular, and tissue features via patented spectral-imaging approaches.

Cascade Technologies chairman and CEO Daniel Farkas said that their enabling technology is true spectral imaging that includes the visible and part of the infrared range, and samples it with 50 different wavelengths. It is known as band-sequential hyperspectral imaging. This core capability was originally developed for satellite reconnaissance, and thus optimised for finding difficult-to-discern objects, barely different from their surroundings.

"Together with some additional features of our recently completed SkinSpectTM prototype, such as polarization control (that obviates the need for a contact fluid) and autofluorescence, we anticipate that detection of distinguishing features of melanoma will be enhanced," Farkas said.