The CINtec PLUS cytology test helps identify women with high-grade pre-cancerous cervical lesions who need immediate colposcopy.

Roche diagnostics division COO Roland Diggelmann said cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women worldwide and there are often no symptoms associated with cervical pre-cancer.

"With the launch of the fully automated CINtec PLUS Cytology Kit, Roche has the most comprehensive cervical cancer screening portfolio in the industry, helping to protect women from cervical cancer and from overtreatment," Diggelmann added.

"The comprehensive portfolio shows our strong commitment to advancing women’s health and setting new healthcare standards."

The CINtec PLUS cytology test helps identify underlying disease, determining those who should proceed to colposcopy.

When compared with Pap smear, the CINtec PLUS cytology test is significantly more effective in detecting cervical pre-cancer, the company reported.

The fully automated CINtec PLUS cytology test is available in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Canada.