Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System plays key role in arrestee testing and investigative lead generation


Thermo Fisher Scientific receives approval from FBI for Rapid DNA solution. (Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific.)

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has approved Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System for use by accredited forensic DNA laboratories to process DNA reference samples and search resulting profiles against the U.S. National DNA Index System (NDIS) CODIS database without manual interpretation and review.

The RapidHIT ID System is a fully automated, sample-to-answer genetic analyzer, allowing for analysis of DNA reference samples in as little as 90 minutes. This frees up DNA analyst time for more complex cases and quickly provides actionable information to help solve crimes faster. Faster turnaround time means law enforcement can more efficiently catch repeat offenders, exonerate the innocent, reduce costs to the criminal justice system and make communities safer.

NDIS approval of the RapidHIT ID System by the FBI paves the way for the technology to be used in booking stations for fast DNA processing. Previously, data generated from the RapidHIT ID System required review and interpretation from a qualified DNA analyst. Now, the system can perform automated review for the vast majority of resulting profiles. Pilot studies have been conducted by the FBI and participating agencies, enabling wider implementation in booking stations nationwide in the near future.

In a multi-site study of over 1,100 buccal samples, the RapidHIT ID System performance was proven suitable for single source reference samples and shown to be comparable to traditional laboratory results.  Agencies participating in the study included the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Miami-Dade Police Department Forensic Services Bureau.

“NDIS approval of the RapidHIT ID system is a crucial step in supporting the FBI’s vision of producing a DNA profile – and searching CODIS – while a qualifying arrestee is in police custody,” said Martin Guillet, vice president and general manager for the Human Identification business at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We remain committed to the standards of quality and integrity set forth by the forensics community, and to partnering with the law enforcement community to ensure booking station implementation is a success.”

The NDIS-approved Rapid DNA system comprises the Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID instrument, GlobalFiler Express typing kit, RapidHIT ID ACE GlobalFiler Express sample cartridge, RapidHIT ID System Software version 1.3, and RapidHIT ID Expert System software version 1.0.

Source: Company Press Release