The new Memo 3D ReChord integrates chordal guide system into the existing Memo 3D ring to simplify and standardize the approach to artificial chord replacement.

Sorin Group cardiac surgery business unit president Michel Darnaud said: "The Memo 3D ReChord implant performed by Prof. Bolling and his team represents the first step in strategically growing our presence in the US mitral valve repair market.

"The most gratifying aspect of this first U.S. experience is to see Sorin’s technology deliver on the Company’s commitment to increase product standards for physicians while improving patient outcomes."

According to the company, the semi-rigid annuloplasty ring’s design streamlines mitral repair procedures while allowing surgeons to obtain reproducible results even in advanced chordal reconstructions.

Memo 3D ReChord features the firm’s exclusive Carbofilm coating to enhance hemo-compatibility, and an advanced cell-structure design to accommodate the mitral saddle shape while enabling the physiological 3D motion of the native annulus.

Sorin develops and markets medical technologies for cardiac surgery and for the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders.