The broad range of screw types and plate designs in the VLP Foot system solves one of the key issues facing orthopedic surgeons matching the internal bone fixation technology to the patient’s sometimes difficult bone type. As the system offers low-profile versions of both classic plate designs and newer anatomic ones, VLP Foot screw options give it an unrivalled breadth of fixation choices.

VLP includes locking screws that can be placed at 15-degrees off the center axis in any direction, giving the surgeon tremendous flexibility when choosing how to position the plate over the fracture. And its array of screw thread designs address every type of bone such as younger patients with harder bone, older patients with softer bone, and even diabetic patients who may have neuropathic diseased bone.

VLP Foot technology is central to Smith & Nephew’s broader Foot and ankle treatment portfolio, known as ALL28 named for the 28 bones comprising this portion of the human anatomy. The ALL28 portfolio addresses fractures, deformities and arthritis of the Foot and ankle and includes technologies previously introduced by Smith & Nephew.

Bill Shopoff, president of trauma franchise at Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics, said: “We’ve worked hard to introduce this range of technology to Foot and ankle surgeons. We’ve introduced a system that keeps the surgeon in control during the case the versatile VLP Foot system can keep pace with the most challenging indications so our customers can focus on returning patients to weight-bearing mobility quickly and simply.”