Medical equipment manufacturer Boston Scientific has presented the results of Lumina cohort of the Precision Spectra system observational study at the International Neuromodulation Society 12th World Congress in Montreal, Canada.

According to the firm, the study’s new data demonstrated that the Precision Spectra spinal cord stimulator (SCS) system provides 1.5 times better overall pain relief and two times better low back pain relief compared to the previous generation Precision Plus SCS system.

The Precision Spectra SCS system is claimed to be the first and only SCS system with Illumina 3D software and 32 contacts, which is designed to offer improved pain relief for a broad range of patients suffering from chronic pain.

Boston Scientific neuromodulation president Maulik Nanavaty said: "These real-world clinical data demonstrate that the Precision Spectra system with our proprietary neural targeting software is a significant scientific advancement in pain management."

The Lumina cohort comprised three patient groups, including 213 consecutive patients treated with the Precision Spectra System for up to 24 months post-implant.

The second group included 130 consecutive patients treated with the previous generation system, Precision Plus, in a comparative evaluation with the Precision Spectra system and the last group comprised 25 consecutive patients treated with the Precision Spectra system and the new CoverEdge 32 Surgical Leads for up to six months post-implant.