The Dyonics RF system complements Smith & Nephew Endoscopy’s existing portfolio of resection systems, which include the Dyonics POWER II control system for mechanical resection and the Vulcan System for specialized radiofrequency (RF) tissue removal.

RF energy can remove damaged soft tissue, coagulate bleeding vessels, smooth rough cartilage and shrink inflamed soft tissue in weight-bearing joints such as the knee, shoulder and hip.

The system initially includes five specialized probes, including the Dyonics RF-S Whirlwind 90 degree Probe that incorporates a high-flow suction feature to quickly pull bubbles and free-floating debris from the procedure site, ensuring that the surgeon has a clear view of the joint.

Scott Trenhaile, clinical assistant professor, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford, said: “The Dyonics RF System provides the control the power and the precision to effectively remove tissue while eliminating bubbles, helping to improve visualization during the procedure. Additionally, the system is very easy to use.”

Courtney Manthei, associate market manager for resection at Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, said: “This self-contained Dyonics RF System is compact and aggressive enough for both small clinics and large medical facilities that perform multiple arthroscopy procedures each day. Surgeons who have used this device in their procedures said they appreciate the control that it provides, especially when working in difficult to reach areas of the joint.”

Dr Jose-Luis Avila-Lafuente of Hospital MAZ, shoulder and elbow surgery unit, Zaragoza, Spain, said: “I was pleased with how fast and powerful the Dyonics RF-S Whirlwind Probe was able to remove tissue. The probe offers a clear field of view and excellent coagulation capabilities. More importantly, what convinced me to convert was the potential patient benefits. The new system produces less heat than other systems while still providing the aggressive tissue removal I need.”