The new stent systems are built on the same Sideguard platform that protects the ostium of the coronary artery while preserving the sidebranch.

The new longer Sideguard stents both have a working length of 14mm and come in diameters to treat vessels ranging from 2.50mm to 3.25mm.

Cappella said with the new longer length Sideguard the need for an additional second stent will be minimized or even eliminated.

Cappella’s Sideguard coronary sidebranch technology preserves the sidebranch of diseased coronary arteries by protecting the ostium while minimizing plaque shift.

The Sideguard delivery system features a proprietary split-sheath, balloon released, technology that ensures precise placement on the ostial borderline.

The self-expanding, nitinol, stent promotes continuous wall apposition and positive remodeling and its trumpet-shaped design conforms to varying characteristics of the sidebranch ostium.

The Cappella Sideguard system is currently CE mark approved and is being distributed throughout Europe and South America.