Sorin Group has received CE mark approval for its new range of pacing, defibrillation and left ventricular leads.

The new lead portfolio includes Tilda pacing leads, Vigila defibrillation leads and Celerity left ventricular lead which when combined with company’s intelligent devices provide full-featured systems for accurate management of arrhythmias and heart failure.

Tilda pacing leads, which are flexible from the lead connector to the distal tip, are designed to provide physicians the instant sensation of familiarity at implant along with predictable outcomes.

Vigila defibrillation leads feature a symmetrical lead body and thick outer silicone insulation embedded with the convex shock coils to minimize tissue in-growth.

Celerity left ventricular leads have a flexible co-radial body which are intended to improve control and handling.

Imperial College Healthcare Trust, Hammersmith Hospital consultant cardiologist David Le Froy said all aspects of the Vigila, Tilda and Celerity leads are carefully designed to enhance ease of use and handling without compromising electrical performance and safety.

"With these new options, more patients will benefit from Sorin’s therapies such as SafeR, PARAD+ BTO, and SonR," Froy said.