As per the agreement, Ormco will provide products free of charge to orthodontists affiliated with Smile for a Lifetime to treat underserved children. Smile for a Lifetime works nationally with orthodontists to provide treatment scholarships to underprivileged children whose families would not otherwise be able to afford treatment.

Aditionally, Ormco will also donate a number of appliances including the Damon System, a combination of tie-less braces and high-tech memory archwires that help clinicians treat patients quickly and comfortably. Doctors also will have access to the Simpli express aligner system through Ormco’s AOA Orthodontic Laboratory, which manufacturers customized appliances.

In addition, Ormco manufactures Insignia advance smile design, a combination of 3-D digital treatment planning software and custom-designed brackets and wires tailored to a patient’s specific dental anatomy.

Ken Konopa, president of Ormco, said: “We are so proud to support the exceptional work that Smile for a Lifetime and their affiliated orthodontists around the country are doing to change the lives of children. A beautiful smile can literally transform the life of an individual, giving them the confidence they need to pursue their dreams. This isn’t just about straightening teeth; it’s about giving underserved children a chance at a happier, more successful future.”

David Carter, national president of Smile for a Lifetime, said: “I’m thrilled to have such a well-respected company like Ormco understand the importance of giving. They are giving back in so many ways: to the lives they will change by sponsoring this charitable foundation and to our profession by helping the public see us as not only health care providers, but also as health care givers. In this, and many other ways, Ormco continues to be a truly visionary company.