Italy-based CenterVue is set to introduce its Eidon imaging system at the 2015 Royal Hawaiian Eye Meeting in Hawaii, which will take place from 17 to 23 January.

The system features white light and confocal imaging technology, which allows diagnosis and management of retinal disease.

CenterVue CEO William Burnham said: "The introduction of Eidon and true-color confocal imaging is a great advancement in retinal assessment.

"The remarkable image quality and full automation will make EIDON the clear choice for monitoring retinal disease and enhancing practice workflow."

According to the company, Eidon’s optics allow imaging of the central retina and the periphery over a viewing angle of up to 110 degrees with multiple imaging modalities, including true-color, red-free, and infrared.

In addition, the system streamlines image acquisition and assures minimum operator involvement by automatically aligning the patient’s pupil, focusing on the retina, and capturing images using a soft light source.

It can be used automatically or manually with or without pupil dilation, and is operated through a software application as a standalone unit by means of a high-resolution multi-touch tablet.