ConvaTec has launched Aquacel Ag burn wound dressing to treat partial thickness burns (PTBs) and donor sites.

Aquacel Ag burn dressing utilizes the company’s proprietary Hydrofiber technology and locks the exudate fluid, traps bacteria and also contour uneven wound surfaces.

Aquacel Ag, for PTBs, are left in place for up to 21 days which facilitates in reducing the need for painful dressing changes and the risk of exposure to pathogens in the atmosphere.

In addition to flat dressings, Aquacel Ag burn dressings also feature a glove for use specifically in PTBs to hands, where a large number of burn injuries occur.

Aquacel Ag dressing comes under both silver and non-silver version, while the silver has proven capability to kill MRSA, VRE, S. aureus, P.aeruginosa, C. krusei, and B. Fragilis.

ConvaTec said the dressings will self-detach as the burn heals and will inflict less trauma to the wound bed and patient.