US-based medical imaging devices manufacturer Butterfly Network announced that its Butterfly iQ, the first handheld single-probe whole body ultrasound system, has received CE Mark clearance.

10Apr - Butterfly

Image: Butterfly iQ is equipped with a built-in battery and wireless charging to last more than 2 continuous hours of scanning. Photo: Courtesy of Butterfly___Product_Image/ PRNewswire.

Butterfly iQ device is available for licensed medical professionals in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The company has made Butterfly iQ available for the customers outside of the US, to set the stage for more accessible and affordable medical imaging, across the world.

Butterfly Network president Gioel Molinari said: “We’re incredibly proud to achieve this significant milestone that will further our mission to democratize healthcare and bring medical imaging to the 4.7 billion people worldwide that currently lack access to this life saving technology.”

Butterfly iQ was introduced in 2018, which has been rapidly adopted by many physicians, EMTs, physician assistants, nurses and other practitioners in the US.

The company has designed Butterfly iQ with a built-in battery and wireless charging to last an entire shift or more than two continuous hours of scanning along with delivering convenience.

Butterfly Network claims that the device has an anodized aluminum body built for durability, thermal efficiency, and to withstand the harshest of conditions and its app features 18 presets and familiar touch interactions for unprecedented ease-of-use.

Butterfly’s app allows users to organize and search the studies on Butterfly Cloud and access the device and data from mobile or web, anytime, and anywhere.

The company claims that the secure commenting feature of the device is set to bring a new dimension to the medical imaging with simple usage similar to texting, that involves a simple process of opening an image, tagging a colleague, and send the message.

Butterfly network said that CE Mark approval for its device marks a major step towards placing the device in the hands of 40 million healthcare workers across the globe to accelerate the diagnosis and improve patient care.

Butterfly Network intends to start shipping Butterfly iQ to the international markets that accept CE Mark by summer 2019.