Anthony Conway president and CEO of Rochester Medical, said: Our primary objective was to make and bring to market the world’s most advanced and most comfortable silicone Foley catheter. Through our company’s commitment to all-silicone products and a relentless R&D effort, we are proud today to be launching this product line.

Comfort is the primary area of focus for the StrataSI and StrataNF products; the improved silicone design consists of a soft, pliable inner core surrounded by ultra-soft, ultra-smooth outer layers. The new structure allows for softness and flexibility never before seen in an all-silicone catheter. The StrataNF catheter provides the gentle feel of StrataSI along with anti-infection properties that are clinically proven to reduce bacterial CAUTI.

Martyn Sholtis, corporate vice president of Rochester Medical, said: The launch of StrataSI will give clinicians and patients broader access to superior latex-free alternatives. Our sales force is proud and excited to be introducing this market changing line of products.

StrataSI(TM) catheters are available as standard all-silicone Foleys and as StrataNF- a nitrofurazone-matrixed anti-infective all-silicone Foley catheter. The catheters are available in 5/10cc balloon sizes with diameters ranging from 14Fr to 26Fr. The product line also includes pre-connected catheterization trays with a StrataSI or StrataNF Foley catheter connected to a drain bag or urine meter (available in 14-18Fr).