Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc., (Imaging Diagnostic Systems), a US-based imaging device company, appointed Rajesh Suresh Sheth as managing director for India. He will be responsible for marketing and promoting the CT Laser Mammography system to hospitals and imaging centers throughout Mumbai and New Delhi. He served as chief of radiology in different hospitals. He is currently involved in establishing mammography centers in smaller cities to increase the awareness of breast cancer.

“I personally feel that this modality, i.e. CTLM will facilitate quality healthcare & provide one of the best health care solution for a diagnostic approach in Mammography,” said Rajesh Sheth, chief radiologist of Shree Krishna Polyclinic.

Rajesh Sheth has been in the field of radiology, with more than 18 years of experience and is regarded as an establish leader in his field. “We are pleased to have Sheth as an advocate for the CTLM system,” stated Deborah O’Brien, Imaging Diagnostic Systems’ senior vice president. “His desire to increase breast cancer awareness is admirable and we are looking forward to collaborating with him.”